Alternative Dispute Resolution Society

Ever had to negotiate a deadline, a parking fine, or a dinner table you forgot to book? Got stuck in a row between friends, or had to talk your way out of a tight spot? As a law student the chances are you're already a better negotiator than you think.

Alternative Dispute Resolution is getting to "Yes", or closer to it, by way of negotiation and mediation. At the ADR Society we’ll show you how to move your interests closer to agreement on commercial disputes and interpersonal conflicts, reviving trade agreements and restoring lost trust.

It's a saviour skill, valued by law firms, and getting to "Yes" is what we're about at the ADR Society.

You may already know the cues to listen for and the pitfalls to avoid, so if this sounds like you we’d love to chat with you! If this seems new and you fancy practising these skills and understanding tactical or timely offers, see us at Fresher’s Fair to sign up for membership.

Law is a people business, and if you can build a connection, you can build a bridge. Who doesn’t want that skill on their CV?