Welcome to Boxing!

Boxing, one of the greatest sports in the world to get fit, boost self confidence and learn the skills of a tactical fast paced sport.

At QUB Boxing we get together a few times a week for fitness sessions such as circuits and running and boxing training such as sparring, pad work, punch bags.

There is a great atmosphere in the club with friendly coaches and a good sense of camaraderie.
Students can tailor QUB Boxing to how they wish, you can use the club as a way to get fit attending the circuit classes covering a wide range of exercises, or progress their skills as a boxer inside the ring or perfecting their technique on the pads and punch bags. There are also increasing chances for those who wish to compete.

A great friendly club with a complete variety of age and ability, you do not need to have boxed before to come to QUB boxing, life is about trying new challenges!

So get yourselves down to QUB Boxing now!

Drop us an email or contact us on facebook for further details.

We hope to see you soon.