GP Society

GP Society

QUB GP Society- a society to promote general practice among medical students.

We are now in our second year. The society was set up in conjunction with the Royal College of General Practitioners. It is well known from the press and media that there is an ongoing GP crisis, with a lack of new GPs to replace those retiring. This is placing pressure on primary care services, and so we aim to rectify this.

QUB GP Society aims to show medical students the benefits of general practice and why we ought to pursue a career as a GP. In collaboration with RCGP, we do this through talks from GPs from across NI, including both those who have been GP Partners in their practice for years, and those who are only beginning their training, therefore educating students about all areas of the career. We aim to increase exposure of medical students to GPs this year, through a “Speed Dating”-style event where students can rotate individually or in groups to chat with trainee GPs and those with specialist interests, to ask them any burning questions about the career.

We hold events to help students with OSCE skills, focusing on common specialties to general practice (so basically most!), where GP trainees teach students in small groups to help improve your OSCE skills, getting you that all-important Green Card!

This is not only a medical society- since working inter-professionally will be so important in our careers, we would like to create opportunities and events for other healthcare students, i.e. those studying pharmacy, nursing, social work etc, to explore the many aspects of community-based care. We aim to help all future health care professionals approach patients with confidence.

This year we are going to start Fundraising events and opportunities for local charities such as NI Chest, Heart and Stroke and Macmillan NI etc, to help our local community andto help get us all together for fun events!

There may also be the opportunity to go to events hosted by RCGP.