Literific Society (Debating)

Literific Society

Looking to meet new people and gain confidence in public speaking? Or even just to observe some of the best young debaters in the country tackling the latest issues? We’re the society for you!

The Literary and Scientific Debating Society is Queen’s oldest student society and we hold debates every Thursday evening at 7pm. All are welcome to attend, student and non-student alike, and if you sign up you can even put yourself forward to speak. Our topics this year range from negotiating with terrorists, the rise of positive discrimination, and the burning question of whether online dating is the death of romance.

After the debate is concluded and the House votes for the winning side, it’s to the bar! We reserve the wonderful House Bar each Thursday where all speakers receive complimentary wine. For most of us, that’s its own incentive. The atmosphere at debates is always relaxed and welcoming; we love seeing new faces!

The Literific regularly competes in inter-varsity competitions outside Queen’s. This year we’ll be taking part in more competitions than ever before, including some across the water. If you fancy representing your university in some of the most prestigious debating competitions in the UK, we’ll be behind you every step of the way!

Join us at the Senate Room in the Lanyon Building every Thursday at 7pm for some craic.