Get Rewarded


Get Rewarded

Degree Plus

Queen’s University Degree Plus gives you recognition for the knowledge and skills you develop by carrying out extracurricular activities like volunteering. It is open to you if you are a full or part-time undergraduate or postgraduate taught student and will be awarded at graduation. 

Millennium Volunteers

Millennium Volunteers is a national programme which also recognises volunteering. If you are between 14 and 25, are already volunteering, or would like to start you can sign up to the programme.
It will look amazing on your CV!

Prestige Award
The Prestige Award is endorsed by Queen’s Students’ Union and provides recognition for the volunteering efforts of students aged 26+. After your first 50, 100, and 200 hours of volunteering you'll receive a certificate which recognises the valuable efforts you are making in your community as well as the training and skills you've gained.

Volunteering Excellency Awards
Recognising volunteers for their efforts is an important part of inspiring and encouraging others. It also gives us an opportunity to show both staff and students how much their work is appreciated, that they are role-models for our student body, and the youth of the future. Please note: This event takes place in June and nominations will open in May.

Clubs & Societies

If you are involved in a Club or Society as a Committee member or if your involvement in your Club or Society is benefiting others or the environment then you too are a volunteer.
Your volunteering efforts deserve recognition.

Student Reps

If you are a Student Officer, Student Councillor, or a School or Course Rep then you are also a volunteer.  
Your volunteering efforts deserve recognition.

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