Robert Murtagh


I’m Robert, your Student Officer Activities. I definitely have the most fun officer position. My role is to work with Clubs & Societies, to ensure their voices are listened to. My role is to create a more cohesive community amongst all students and give you a voice within the local community around Queen's.

I plan to do this by:

  • Presidential Forum - Engaging with Clubs & Societies through the Presidential Forum, set up under my predecessor. This is a great way for me to know and understand the issues and challenges Clubs & Societies face throughout the year.
  • Housing - Work on student housing by establishing a Student Resident’s Community and a Landlord Rating Scheme. This aims to provide Landlords with a layer of accountability so as many students as possible aren’t living in sub-standard housing.
  • QUBSU Winter Festival - Hosting a QUBSU Winter Festival in the lead up to the Winter break, to create a festive atmosphere on campus, working with Clubs & Societies to develop a range of different events.
  • Volunteer and Enterprise - Continue to support volunteering and entrepreneurial opportunities, working closely with Volunteer SU and Enterprise SU.
  • Refugee and Asylum Seekers - Establish a task force to look at how we can make Queen's and the Students' Union more refugee and asylum seeker friendly. This will involve campaigning to make Queen's a ‘University of Sanctuary’.

I have a lot of ideas, but need your help. If you like what you’ve read above and want to get involved please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I serve you and want to do it to the best of my ability. I can do this best by meeting and engaging with as many students as possible, so please get in touch or pop into the office!


The Student Officer Activities:

  • Organises a range of events in the Union
  • Creates a community spirit among the students at Queen’s
  • Helps you get involved in Volunteering, Enterprise and Clubs & Societies
  • Supports Clubs & Societies through training, funding and advice