Ellen Fearon

Hi, I’m Ellen, your Student Activities Officer for the year ahead!

My biggest priorities for the year ahead include; creating a campaign to ensure the SU is doing everything possible to engage with you as students. This will involve increasing recruitment opportunities for Clubs & Societies, asking for your feedback on what you want from the SU, and hosting innovate events throughout the year! I also aim to create a Sponsorship Process for Clubs and Societies to help increase their funding, whilst also safeguarding them from exploitation.

I will establish a monthly Student Activities Drop-In Session in both the PEC and SU, so that you can talk directly to me with any questions or problems you experience during the year. I will also work to create more equality in funding from Queens Sport to ensure all clubs get a chance of success!

Another key priority for me this year is to fight against the University’s Off Campus Discipline policy. This policy affects hundreds of students every year and its unacceptable. You are a private citizen with a right to a private life, and we want to fight to protect your rights!

Please feel free to get in touch with me anytime with any queries or issues concerning student activities!

The Student Officer Activities:

  • Organises a range of events in the Union
  • Creates a community spirit among the students at Queen’s
  • Helps you get involved in Volunteering, Enterprise and Clubs & Societies
  • Supports Clubs & Societies through training, funding and advice