Students' Union President
Connor Veighey

Hi! My name is Connor Veighey and I’m your SU President.

The Students’ Union is here to represent you on all the things you care about and to make your time in Queen’s the best years of your life. It’s my job to oversee all of that and to make sure your voice is heard in the University.

Just a few of my priorities this year include…

OMNI – the Students’ Union’s new mental health campaign. We know that mental health is a concern for a huge number of students and we’re working to improve the support in place and the factors that influence mental health.

Strategic Plan. This year we are writing our new five-year plan for everything the Union does and we want to hear all of your ideas on what works, what doesn’t work and what you’d like us to be doing.

New SU Building. We’re continuing to design our new home and it’s my job to make sure that it has everything students need.

…and much more.

If you’d like to know any more about what I’m working on, about anything the SU offers or would like to get involved please get in touch anytime!

The President:

  • Represents your views on campus and beyond
  • Identifies priority issues for students
  • Co-ordinates the activities of the Union
  • Gives advice if you want to join or start a campaign