Sinéad Henry

Hi there,

I’m Sinéad Henry and I’m the Welfare Officer for the academic year 18/19!

As your Welfare Officer I am here to help you with any welfare problems that might arise while you are at university, such as your general wellbeing, mental and sexual health (including reproductive rights), housing and safety!

I'm here to give you one-to-one listening support, give you advice about academic offences and off-campus disciplinaries, put your welfare first in committee meetings and run wellbeing campaigns on campus.

Whatever the issue, big or small, I’ll put your welfare needs first!

This year I aim to focus on:

  • Mental Health Research - Carry out research across the university to determine the key causes of mental health problems among students, as well as run mental health campaigns across the university to make sure every student has the chance to seek help and advice.
  • Mental Health Training - Train students in how to appropriately respond when a family member, friend or colleague comes to them with a mental health problem, 97% of students will speak to a friend about a mental health issue before they speak to a doctor, so it is vital that students know how to respond and signpost to the correct services to help their friend.
  • Inclusive Sex Education - Promote inclusive sex education across the university, particularly with incoming first year students. There will also be a focus on sex education for LGBTQ+ students, whose sex education is often neglected in secondary education.
  • Housing Initiative - Create a week long housing initiative, aimed at helping students find the right property for them, and help them avoid rogue landlords in the area.
  • University Guarantor Programme - Establish a programme in which the university will act as a guarantor for international students who choose to rent privately.

These are just a few of the key things I will work on this year, and if you have any ideas or campaigns you wish to work on my door is always open!

Don’t be afraid to call into the office for a chat or send an email about anything (big or small), I’m here to help and will always put you, the student, first!


The Student Officer Welfare:

  • Represents your interests relating to your welfare
  • Helps you with any welfare problems like your general wellbeing, mental and sexual health, housing and safety
  • Promotes wellbeing campaigns on campus