Welfare – Jessica Elder

As your Welfare Officer I'm here to help you with any welfare problems you might have like you’re your general wellbeing, mental and sexual health, housing and safety!

I'm here to give you one-to-one listening support, give you advice about academic offences and off-campus disciplinaries, put your welfare first in committee meetings and run wellbeing campaigns on campus.

Whatever the issue, big or small, I’ll put your welfare needs first!

This year I aim to:

  • Campaign around safe consensual sex to raise awareness and bust myths to ultimately create a safer environment for students here at Queen's
  • Lobby for the introduction of ‘The bystander Initiative’ into student academia to empower you and others to create change in our society through everyday scenarios
  • Ensure that you know your rights when it comes to private rented accommodation and run awareness campaigns on campus
  • Run campaigns on campus about drugs and alcohol to ensure that students are aware of their effects, reducing harm in the process