We want to make the changes that are important to you, whether that be in your Union, University or community.

The campaigns that the new Officer Team are working on will be uploaded shortly.

Don't forget, you can set up your own campaign. If you feel something needs to be done and you’re the person to do it – give it a go. Just tell us right here.

Fit to Sit?
If you sit an exam or submit a piece of coursework, you’re deeming yourself fit to be assessed. Once you’ve been marked and you have achieved a pass, your results can’t be changed. 

If something in your personal life is affecting your ability to study or complete assessment, you could be eligible for Exceptional Circumstances.

Are Ye Well?
At this time of year it’s easy to feel the pressure of exams, deadlines and late nights in the library.

So, we’ve organised lots of events 9-24 May - Music Mood Rooms, Cuppas in the McClay Library, a Healing Room, Coffee Mornings in the Graduate School, a Disabled Students' Network get together and an Open Mic Night!

Pop-Up SU

We’re heading out and about campus to tell you what we've done this year and to ask what we should be working on!

Our Student Officers, Part-Time Student Officers and Staff will be there, so make sure to come say hi...

Disabled Students' Network

This is the first time that a group has been created for disabled people to come together informally.

Come along, have a chat, play some games and get to know one another!

Student Jobs Survey

We care about your rights and conditions at work, and we’d like to know more about how you are treated as a student worker.

Fill in our Student Jobs Survey and be in with the chance of winning £50 Amazon Voucher.


This year we are combining two of the most iconic student weeks!

RAG & SHAG week is about discussing all things sexy, whilst raising some money for our RAG charities.

Are Ye Well?
At this time of year it’s easy to feel the pressure of exams, deadlines and late nights in the library.

So, we’ve organised a music mood room plus free cuppas in the library to help you de-stress!

International Buddy Scheme
We know how hard it must be for International Students to leave their family, friends and home country to come to a completely new place – one where they mightn’t have even visited before or know anyone. We want to make these students feel welcomed, as at home and as settled as possible in their new community at Queen’s - so we’ve set up the International Buddy Scheme!

Disable The Label
1 in 10 students at Queen's have a disability - virtually all of us will know someone with a disability (visible or invisible).

Our Disable the Label campaign aims to raise awareness about the breadth of disability, challenge perceptions people have about disabilities and reinforce that labels are NOT for people.

Think Out Loud
Research from the National Union of Students (NUS) shows that 20% of students experience mental health difficulties while at university. We want to let our students know that they are not alone and that there is support out there if they need it. Think Out Loud is a week of events dedicated to raising awareness of mental health issues.

Consent is BAE
1 in 7 students have experienced a serious physical or sexual assault during their time at University (NUS Hidden Marks Research Report).

In response to this shocking statistic, we have launched our Consent is BAE campaign to create a healthy understanding of consent amongst our students.

QUBSU Accommodation Forum
We know that it is often hard to find other Queen's students to live with in the new term, especially if you are a new student coming to Queen's.

So, we launched QUBSU Accommodation Forum, a facebook group which new and returning students can join and use to find housemates.

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