Become a School Rep

Become a School Rep

Each School/Institute at Queen’s has a School Rep who represents all of the students in their School.

The School Rep is the voice for all students in their School, is the joint-chairperson of Staff Student Consultative Committee meetings in their School, collaborates with staff across the University, and takes a seat on Students’ Union Council.

They listen to students’ views, feed these back to staff members and make the changes that students want happen. Here's what's a School Rep's role involves:

School Rep

Becoming a School Rep is a really rewarding leadership role. You’ll make a huge impact at Queen's and improve the experience for all of your friends and fellow students. These are just some of the things they have done in the past...‌

What School & Course Reps have done!


Plus, you'll meet loads of new people, get lots of training, learn new skills and even be rewarded with a Queen’s Degree Plus Accreditation.

Nominate yourself by 5pm, Wed 4 Oct - complete the online nomination process on QOL.

Please read our Essential Information and our School Rep Role Description. If you run for election, you must follow the Full Election Rules.

If you would like to find out more about being a School Representative, contact the Student Voice Team who can advise you in confidence.

Voting will take place on Tues 10 Oct.