Become a Student Councillor

Become a Student Councillor

Student Council is the main representative forum of the Union and is made up of:

  • 5 Full-Time Student Officers
  • 12 Part-Time Student Officers
  • 18 School Reps, and
  • 80 elected students from across the University

These councillors represent Queen's students' views, decide what the Union should be working on, what position we take on local and global issues and also make sure that the Officers are working hard to make the changes students want happen.

These are just some of the things that happened last year:

What Council has done 2016/17

Becoming a Student Councillor is a really rewarding leadership role. You’ll make a huge impact at Queen’s and improve the experience of all your friends and fellow students.

Plus, you’ll meet loads of new people, get lots of training, learn new skills and even be rewarded with a Queen’s Degree Plus Accreditation.

Nominations to become a Student Councillor will open in October. Please feel free to contact the Student Voice Team who can advise you in confidence.