Student Referendums


A Referendum took place on Thursday 11 May to approve changes to the Union’s rules agreed by the Students’ Union Council.

The following proposal was considered:

Ratification 1 – Constitutional Amendments. The Students’ Union ratifies the amendments to the Constitution of the Students’ Union outlined in Schedule 1. These amendments:

  • Implement the recommendations of a review of Management Board, as approved at the April 2016 Statutory Meeting of Council.
  • Enable the Executive Management Committee to conduct some business electronically, at the discretion of the Committee.
  • Allow for self-defined part-time student officer constituency elections to take place either at a meeting or at a specified polling time, as determined by the Returning Officer. This shall enable online elections to take place.
  • Include an Open International constituency on Council to increase direct representation of international students on Council.

1.23% of eligible voters participated in this Referendum. 

248 students voted in this Referendum, representing 1.10% of eligible voters.

29 participants who chose not to express a preference in the Referendum.

The results are as follows:


Number of votes % of eligible voters
Yes                  207           84.37%
No                            41          16.53%

The proposal is carried and is deemed to be a valid expression of the views of the members of the Union.

The proposal shall be put before the University Senate for consideration at the next available opportunity.

Read the full details of the changes and the Formal Result of the referendum.

What is a Referendum?

Referendums are All-Student Votes and give you the ultimate say in the big decisions in your Students’ Union.

Any student can call (and vote in) a Referendum – the highest decision-making body in the Union.

If you have a campaign that you want the student body to support, you can demand that a Referendum is held, by either:

  • Getting the signatures of 2.5% of the student population at Queen’s
  • Asking Student Council to call a Referendum

If you want to call a Referendum, contact the Student Voice team. They can advise you in confidence before you get started.

Referendum Rules & Complaints

The Rules & Regulations for the Referendum are available here.

Anyone interested in officially campaigning in support of, or in opposition to, the referendum question must contact the Returning Officer at the earliest possible date. Official campaigns are entitled to printed materials, funded by the Students’ Union. The deadline for submission of printed materials is 9am, Mon 8 May.

If you wish to lodge a complaint regarding any aspect of the referendum, you may do so by submitting it, via email, to the Returning Officer.

A complaint should include:

  • the name of the complainant and their contact details
  • the details of the alleged issue, including details of any individuals involved
  • any evidence that may available

Complaints will be investigated by the Returning Officer, but they will not constitute a formal request for an ‘Election Court’. If you wish to lodge a formal ‘Election Court’ complaint, you can get further information from the Returning Officer.