Student Referendums

Referendum Results

Two Referendums (all student votes) took place from 23-27 Nov to consider two proposed changes to the Union's rules. The results are as follows:

1. Do you support the proposal to amend the Students’ Union Constitution to introduce a 'Full-Time Student Officer Postgraduate'?

Agree: 177 votes (76.96%)
Disagree: 47 votes (20.43%)
Abstain: 6 votes (2.61%)

2. Do you support the proposal to amend the Students’ Union Constitution to move Non-Sabbatical Officer Elections to align with Full-Time Officer Elections?

Agree: 139 votes (75.96%)
Disagree: 32 votes (17.49%)
Abstain: 12 votes (6.56%)

Both referendums carried and deemed to be a valid expression of the views of the members of the Union.

These proposals are now sceduled for consideration at the Students' Union Council meeting on 7 Dec.

Read the Referendum Results of the referendums.

What is a Referendum?

Referendums are All-Student Votes and give you the ultimate say in the big decisions in your Students’ Union.

Any student can call (and vote in) a Referendum – the highest decision-making body in the Union.

If you have a campaign that you want the student body to support, you can demand that a Referendum is held, by either:

  • Getting the signatures of 2.5% of the student population at Queen’s
  • Asking Student Council to call a Referendum

If you want to call a Referendum, contact the Student Voice team. They can advise you in confidence before you get started.

Referendum Rules & Complaints

Referendums are conducted according to The Rules of the Students' Union.

The Students' Union's Returning Officer produces a specific set of rules and regulations for each referendum.

Full details are available from the Student Voice Team.