National Conferences

We're a member of three national unions and we work with them to make the changes on a local and national level that really matter to you:

Similar to our Union, they have councils and elected student officers who decide on the issues that they work on. Their councils are made up of all the member colleges' student officers and regular students who put themselves forward to work on student issues on a national level.

As well as campaigning and representing students' interests during the year, the national unions each have a big, multi-day, annual conference. This is where the national student officers are elected and what the national unions will work on over the years ahead is debated, discussed and decided upon.

Every students’ union sends delegates to these conferences. They make decisions on a national level, meet loads of like-minded people, hear about new ideas and enjoy a great programme of events.

Any Queen's student can stand for election to become a delegate and they are then elected by an all student vote. This ensures that our delegates are as representative as possible!