Student Renters Group

Student Renters Group

The Student Renters Group is a tenants union specifically tailored to address the needs of student renters. 

A tenants union operates similarly to a work-place union, existing to physically, financially and legally support its members regarding housing disputes. The SRG is a banner for students to organise under and challenge the issues that student renters regularly encounter such as rogue landlords, illegal letting fees and rising rent costs.

Why is it needed?

Students are often looked upon as easy targets by corrupt landlords and letting agents – with many new student renters suffering from negligent landlords or being charged illegal fees. The Student Renters Group instead allows more power to be held by students, offering them a forum to highlight the problems they’re facing, find solutions, and act together to overcome them.

What we plan to do...

Students last year had great success in establishing the South Belfast branch of ACORN renters union and helping renters reclaim hundreds of pounds in stolen fees. Learning from its successes and shortcomings, us students established the STUDENT RENTERS GROUP. With the connections and resources of the Union, Students in the SRG are better able to organise, campaign and protest than last year wherein they organised outside of the Student Union.

This year we will be campaigning to ban illegal letting fees across Belfast and help those who have been charged these fees in the recoupment of this money.

If you want more info or to get involved, get in touch with Ciaran your Welfare Student Officer.