Student Leader Elections - The Results!

Meet Your New 2019/20 Student Officer Team!

We're delighted to announce who you have elected to be your 2019/20 Student Officer Team!

They'll represent you and your 24,000+ fellow students, make the changes that matter to you and will lead the Union.

Your Full-Time Student Officers

Your Part-Time Student Officers

  • Anirudh Sawhney, BAME Students’ Officer
  • Michael McConway, Disabled Students’ Officer
  • Liam Magill, Environmental & Ethical Trading Officer
  • Anirudh Sawhney, International Students’ Officer
  • Aodhán Ó'Baoill, Irish Language Officer
  • Elliot Beever, LGBT+ Students’ Officer
  • Adam Aicken, Student Carers’ Officer
  • Shahla Shahnaz Dyuti, Student Parents’ Officer
  • Kit Penlington, Trans Students' Officer
  • Chloe Ferguson, Women Students’ Officer