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Withdrawal From Study

If you decide that University isn’t the right place for you, or perhaps it is not the right time, you may want to withdraw from your course and from the University. This is a big decision to make and it can have a number of wider implications that you may not realise need to be considered before making the decision.

Before making the final decision on this, we would recommend reaching out to your Adviser of Studies.

If you are not sure what other options are available to you and depending on your situation, you may want to consider the follow:

  • Transferring course
  • Taking a temporary withdrawal
  • Applying for exceptional circumstances

SU Advice are happy to offer information and advice on all or any of these processes.

If you decide to withdraw, you should consider:

  • The financial implications - You may be required to pay back some funding that you have been awarded by your funding body, for example Student Finance NI. You will also likely have to pay tuition fees for the time that you have attended University.
  • Accommodation – If you have signed a contract for private accommodation, leaving university does not normally relieve you of your legal obligations with regards to the property. You may still be liable for the rent and may have to find a replacement tenant if you wish to leave the property. Normally, the rules are different for student-specific accommodation, which may no longer be able to offer accommodation if you leave the University. You should check your tenancy agreement so that you are clear about your position in this regard.
  • Visas – If you are an international student, your visa may no longer be valid if you are leaving the University. You should seek support from Immigration Support Service in this instance.

 If you haven’t been able to find the information your looking for please contact us here - I'd Like Some More Advice.