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Hints & Tips


Keep your property secure and have a think about taking out contents insurance from providers like Endsleigh as this is not provided under a normal private tenancy.


Email, letter or text message is the best way to communicate with your landlord or agent as it will create a written record of your correspondence


Make sure you know the University's regulations on bullying and harassment, social media policies, and disciplinary policies. Remember - your conduct counts both on and off campus

Illegal Letting Fees

Some letting agents continue to charge students illegal fees, which are commonly referred to as administration, application or referencing fees. If you have been charged these fees, you are legally entitled you reclaim your money.


Make sure you pay this on time. There may be terms in your contract that outline charges for late payment of rent. If you sign your tenancy agreement, you are agreeing to pay these charges if you don’t uphold your financial obligations. In addition to charges, not paying rent can also be reason for the landlord to terminate the tenancy and/or take legal action. It can end up costing you far more than a month’s rent.


Avoid sticking posters or anything else to the walls in your house. If you leave marks on the walls or cause any damage by doing this, the landlord may charge you. Always get permission in writing.

Maintenance of the property

 Make sure you keep on top of the cleaning. Landlords can arrange an inspection of the property and if they find you are not cleaning the property or it is in a bad state of cleanliness, they may insist a cleaner be brought in at your expense. It’s worth noting that regular cleaning makes moving out at the end of your tenancy quicker and easier. Respect the landlord’s belongings – make sure you look after the fixtures and fittings in the property. This can mean anything from the kitchen sink to the bedroom wardrobe. If you damage something it is your responsibility to replace it. It is advisable to follow the ‘like-for-like’ rule with this. If you damage items and don’t replace them or don’t make the landlord aware, you are likely to be charged for these at the end of your tenancy with the costs being deducted from your deposit.

Checking out

Make sure you do an official checkout with the landlord or agent. Bring along the copy of the inventory you completed at the beginning of the tenancy and any photographs taken at that time. Be sure to compare the inventory to the checkout inventory and to question any remarks you feel are not fair. Do not sign the check-out inventory if you do not agree with it. You have the right to dispute this.


It is just as important - perhaps even more so - to take photographs when you move out as it is to take them when you move in. Make sure you clean the property thoroughly at the end of your tenancy and keep an accurate record of any issues that may have arisen throughout the year and any communication you have had with the landlord about these. Always put concerns in writing and keep copies of this communication.

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