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Food Bank Referrals

SU Advice is a referring agency for South Belfast Food Bank (SBFB) which is part of the Trussell Trust, a UK-wide network of food banks that supply emergency food and support to people living in poverty.   


Due to the high demands on their service, Trussell Trust asks all referring agencies to undertake an initial assessment of the individual's situation before making a food bank referral. This ensures the Trust can provide support to the most vulnerable in the local community who are in crisis and in need of short-term food supplies.   


Students living outside of the South Belfast region will be signposted to a Trussell Trust Foodbank in their own local area. You can find details of your nearest Trussell Trust Foodbank here 


If you are seeking a referral to SBFB, you will first be invited to attend an informal meeting with a SU Advice Adviser. You may be asked to provide recent bank statements as evidence of financial hardship. This meeting also allows the Adviser to establish what other support the University may be able to provide.    


SU Advice will always refer any QUB student who is currently without the means to provide enough food for themselves and their families. However, referrals cannot be made for the purpose of helping students to save money on daily living expenses that can otherwise be met from the student’s own existing financial means and resources. 


You can request a referral to SBFB up to six times in any 6-month period.  Any additional visits will be at the discretion of the SBFB manager. For this reason, using SBFB should be viewed only as short-term support which allows you time to look for more long-term solutions to your financial difficulties.   


SBFB operates on an appointment-only system. After the online referral is completed by the SU Adviser, you will be contacted directly by SBFB. An appointment will then be made for you to visit SBFB at a given time.  


During your visit, you will be allowed to select enough food and toiletries to last up to 3 days from a variety of foodstuffs and toiletries. You will also be invited to meet with a SBFB volunteer who will talk with you in more detail about your situation and you may then be offered a referral to other appropriate agencies and sources of support.    


If you haven’t been able to find the information your looking for please contact us here - I'd Like Some More Advice