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Money Personality Quiz

Money Personality Quiz

Take our quirky little quiz to find out what type of money personality you have!

Here we go. Remember, be honest!

  • 6. When you go food shopping:

    (a) You buy whatever you fancy (3)
    (b) You stick to your list of foods for the week that is within your budget (1)
    (c) You take a list but allow yourself some treats (2)
    (d) You only really buy convenience food and ready meals (4)

  • 7. You and your friends are making plans for the evening but you are all short of money. You:

    (a) Go out for a big night anyway. You think that because you already have money problems a bit more debt will not make much difference (4)
    (b) Suggest a night out but all stick to a budget (3)
    (c) Suggest a DVD night where you all contribute some food and drink (1)
    (d) Suggest a night in with a takeaway (2)

  • 8. What sums up your aim in life when it comes to money?

    (a) You’ll be a millionaire once you finish university (1)
    (b) You spend today and worry tomorrow (3)
    (c) You buy what you want when you want it (4)
    (d) You save hard, plan, and budget (2)

  • Score

    Did you score mostly 1s, 2s, 3s or 4s? Check the answers below to find out your money personality:

    Mostly 1s - You like to make your money work for you. You are clever with your finances. Your aim is to make lots of money.

    Mostly 2s - You are planned and controlled where money is concerned. Unexpected expenses cause you concern, so you are happier when you are budgeting and managing your money.

    Mostly 3s - You tend to live for today but worry for tomorrow. You often get tempted, but a little planning and budgeting could help you avoid debt.

    Mostly 4s - Where do we start?! You borrow and lose track of your finances. You shop beyond your means. Your care ­free approach to spending will lead you to debt. It’s time to take control!

    No matter what your score, if you need help or just a little advice, get in touch. Debbie, your Money Management Adviser is here and happy to help!