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The OMNI Mental Health 2022-23 Survey

We launched our OMNI campaign to raise awareness and gain insight into the mental health of our students.

Some key points we’ve found from our OMNI 2022-23 survey include that:

  • 85% of you are concerned about your mental health
  • 74% of you struggle with burnout
  • 73% of you struggle to balance work, life and study
  • 62% of you struggle with deadlines
  • 50% of you seriously considered leaving your course
  • 49% of you regularly worry about living costs

Based on these findings we’re committing to actions to better support student mental health and wellbeing, including things like:

  • offering mental health events, cost of living initiatives, and peer to peer training
  • reviewing the student worker hours cap, academic deadlines, and student workload across Schools
  • lobbying the University for more counselling, Wednesday afternoons free from class, and an easier Hardship Fund application process
  • lobbying the government to reduce student debt
  • and much more

Find out what we’re planning on doing to better student mental health in our OMNI Action Plan.

You can also read the full OMNI Survey Results 2022-23.