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Pledge Against Sexual Harassment

We want to see a society free of sexual harassment.

So many types of behaviours have become trivialised and normalised in our society, like: jokes; innuendos; catcalling; inappropriate comments; unsolicited pictures; and groping.

But these behaviours are not okay, they are forms of sexual harassment and they have no place on our campus or in our society.

We all have a part to play in making this better. We need to examine our own behaviour and call out the behaviour of others.


The Pledge

We want to thank all our students who took part in our campaign by signing the pledge, committing to the following statements and making our society a safer place for all:

  • I will not carry out any non-consensual behaviour that permits to sexual harassment, including but not limited to: jokes; innuendos; catcalling; inappropriate comments; unsolicited pictures; and groping
  • If I see warning signs of sexual harassment I will call this behaviour out or seek help
  • I will believe and support victims of sexual harassment, I will be reassuring, avoid victim blaming and help victims to access support
  • I will reflect on and challenge my own beliefs about gender and sex
  • Take an eLearning Module: Sexual Harassment - How to Support Yourself and Your Peers

    By taking this 40 minute eLearning module, you’ll learn:

    • what sexual consent and sexual violence are
    • what the impact of alcohol and drugs is on both sexual consent and violence
    • the support services available to you and your peers in the event of a negative sexual experience

    79% of college students who disclose sexual misconduct (rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment) told a close friend.*

    The information in this eLearning module will equip you with knowledge that you can use to:

    • support a friend or classmate if they were to disclose to you that they had been sexually harassed
    • safely call out negative behaviour in your peer group and community 

    Take The eLearning Module


    This eLearning module has been developed by the Active Consent team in National University of Ireland Galway.

    *National Sexual Experiences Survey 2020 - Active Consent & USI 

  • Campaign For Change

    We're committed to tackling sexual harassment and fostering a consent culture on campus.

    Along with launching our pledge against sexual harassment, consent workshops and info stalls, we have recently introduced spiking testing strips at The Speakeasy Bar. If you suspect your drink may have been spiked, you can approach a member of staff who will give you a paper test strip. You then dip the strip on both ends into your drink and the test will indicate if it has been spiked. If you get a positive result staff will be able to assist you.

    Going forward, we will be calling on the NI Executive to be included in the consultation into the Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy so that we can ensure our students are well represented.

    We will also be lobbying the University to better educate staff in this area. And we will be lobbying the Belfast City Council to introduce practical changes to make South Belfast a safer place to be.


    For more local and regionally based campaigning check out:

  • Get Help & Support

    If you are, or someone you know is, a victim or survivor of sexual assault, there is lots of help and support available.

    Here are some below:

    Report and Support
    This is a confidential service available on QUB campus where students can report an incident anonymously or report an incident and receive support from a trained advisor.

    Student wellbeing service
    Offers range of supports including a Drop-In service that operates Monday-Friday, 11am-3pm. Call them on: 07387 546 123, or email.

    QUB Inspire counselling service
    You can make an appointment by email or phoning 0808 800 0016 (24hr Freephone)

    Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI)
    If you want to report to the PSNI you can Call 0845 600 8000 and you will be put in contact with a specially trained police officer who will speak to you confidentially. The Police will contact The Rowan (listed below) about providing support to you. you need to escape a dangerous situation or have sustained injuries that require immediate medical attention, dial 999.

    The Rowan
    This is a service to support people who have been affected by sexual violence and abuse, and has specially trained doctors and registered nurses available. The Rowan provides services such as: emotional support, forensic medical examination, clinical assessment, sexual health screening and treatment, signposting on to counselling and other support services, and follow-up support. The Rowan can report the matter to the police on your behalf, but will not report it if you do not want them to. Free phone helpline: 0800 389 4424 (operates 24/7).

    Nexus NI
    Specialist counselling for male and female survivors of sexual abuse/violence ages 16+. Tel: 028 9032 6803

    Belfast & Lisburn Women’s Aid
    Accommodation to women and children experiencing domestic and/sexual violence. Links to counselling, outreach, drop-in service, advocacy, group/individual sessions, support with solicitors, ssa, social services, case conferences, court support, specialist training programmes, follow-up, training, prevention and protection.

    Rape Crisis NI
    Freephone 08000246991. Mondays-Thursdays, 6pm - 8pm, the Information & Support Line is open where a Support Worker will take your call and provide you with information on the One-to-One Support Service. They can also offer information on other support agencies in your area.