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Supervision Meetings

The below action points will help you make the most of your Supervision Meetings:

Before the Meeting

  • Be clear about the venue/online platform and the time of the meeting
  • Be ready with the questions or comments you want to bring to the meeting
  • Agree beforehand how long meetings will usually last
  • If you have received feedback from previous work, think about how that feedback ties into the meeting

During the Meeting

  • If this is your first meeting, make sure you all agree everyone’s roles and responsibilities and the frequency, duration and format of formal meetings
  • Listen to comments and feedback
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Provide an update of your current thinking
  • Be honest but professional and cordial
  • Raise issues of personal concern that are affecting your wellbeing or studies
  • Take detailed notes and perhaps ask to record the session

After the Meeting

  • Take time to reflect on conversations you had during the meeting and note any points that you may need further clarity on
  • Consider sending an email to your supervisor or carrying out further research (whilst trying not to be overly dependent on your supervisors and reaching out to other academics or professional services only when applicable)

Record of Supervision

  • It is the student’s responsibility to: write a record of supervision after every supervision meeting; check with your supervisor that your notes reflect your discussion; and upload it to QSIS
  • For help with how to record and upload your formal meeting of supervision attend The Graduate School’s Induction Training and/or watch the Step-By-Step Guide on QSIS